Prachuap Khiri Khan

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This little-known province running 200 kilometres along the Gulf of Thailand has only a few beachfront resorts, but among them are some surprisingly good ones. The 5-star one represented here, X2 Kui Buri Resort, is indeed among them. Who would expect a beautifully designed, super-luxury beach resort in an area few people have heard of?

Clearly, it’s the rising passion of so many visitors to find absolute tranquillity far from the crowds that is fuelling this new fashion for fine resorts on remote, little-known beaches. X2 offers pool villas on a beach where you might find the odd fisherman, but hardly any other tourists. And if you want a kilometre of sand to yourself, just wander down the beach in either direction.

This Hotel Deals E-mart page has only just opened, and there is only one hotel in Prachuap province for now – but you can be assured that more will join over the coming months as awareness spreads. Check back here in future.

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