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Phang Nga is not famed for beaches or resort hotels, but for its bay full of astonishing phallic-like rocky islands that rise vertically from calm, azure waters. Most visitors here come on hit-and-run day tours from nearby Phuket. But there are indeed a few hotels in this atmospheric bay of islands that provide a truly unique experience far from the crowds.

The first resort to join the Phang Nga Hotel Deals E-mart was also the first to enter this bay, and remains the only upmarket accommodation right within its amazing geological heart. Paradise Koh Yao is hidden away on an unspoiled beach at the top end of Koh Yao Noi, accessed by boat. Guests of this tropical beach escape can explore the startling surroundings by kayak, or hire a boat for a wider appraisal that can easily miss the crowded, mass-market tours from Phuket.

While there are only a few resort hotels within Phang Nga province, you can be sure that over the coming months more interesting ones will join and present good deals through this market page. Scores of good hotels can already be seen in the Hotel Deals E-mart pages covering other Thai beach destinations.

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