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Ever-popular Chaweng Beach is well represented in these top deals - not surprisingly - for there are some 70 hotels lined up along this bustling, party beach. New visitors should first think about the kind of holiday they seek; the middle area of Chaweng is the party zone, while the north and south ends are significantly quieter and more subdued. If it's party and fun you're looking for, then KC Beach Club will be for you.

You can still get into the active shopping, nightlife and restaurant zone from the north and south ends with a long walk or a short ride, which suits many people. A more tranquil hotel becomes their refuge after a night on the town. The beach-facing villas of Baan Talay offer the closest beds to the beach.

Those who want real tranquillity - and just a short drive to Chaweng's nightlife zone - might like one of the two Nora hotels here. Both hotels are ideal hideaways on a quiet beach, with both offering rooms with great ocean views. Nora Buri is the newest and more modern, but Nora Beach resort's old-style bungalows in spacious gardens have a more easy-going, relaxing atmosphere.

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