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This is just the beginning of the Koh Phangan Hotel Deals Emart page. Over the coming months you will be able to return here and find many new hotel discount vouchers and special packages. The discount vouchers are the cheapest prices you will find anywhere on the web for rooms in the hotels we feature. The packages are, likewise, among the best value hotels deals you will find. One of the reasons these packages are so cheap is the fact that this site works on very low commissions – quite different to most booking services where the commissions can be really high.

The first hotel on Koh Phangan to join our programme is both the first upmarket resort to open here, and still one of the top resorts, if not the most luxurious of all. Panviman is certainly the island’s most famous resort. And because it was established well before the hotel rush, it was able to secure one of the best locations on the island. It sits on a low headland dividing Phangan’s two most beautiful beaches, Thong Nai Pan Noi and Thong Nai Pan Yai, with direct access to the former.

Panviman has upgraded constantly over the years, and today offers everything from luxurious pool villas to hotel-style rooms. Here the offering is for the hotel rooms, but remember that if you want something different, you can contact the hotel directly from the voucher sales page – just one click from here – by using the direct e-mail box.

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