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The hotels deals on offer here are notable for their variety, for Koh Lana is a big island with accommodations ranging from backpacker to luxurious 5-star luxury. Before deciding on a suitable hotel, potential guests should first check the beaches, which range from semi-urban to quite remote. Some, like Klong Dao Beach, are well suited to families, while others make great escapes for couples, like the more out-of-the-way Kaw Kwang peninsula and Kan Tiang Bay.
Families with young children should check our Klong Dao guide page describing why this is a great choice for young ones. Here we offer a number of choices in the affordable 3-star range. Southern Lanta, the largest of these, is an old favourite with a good chance your kids will meet friends about the same age.

At the other end of the scale, couples who want to find tranquillity without the sound of children running and splashing might find the more luxurious, adults-only Twin Lotus suitable. This is modern and quite upmarket.

Those looking for real luxury in an exceptionally tranquil environment might find the 5-star Crown Lanta fits the bill. This unusual, stylish resort is built on the headland looking back over Klong Dao Beach. The views through the trees are nice, and guests can access the beach with a 50 metre walk.

Crown Lanta's natural forest has been well preserved and guests have a two room types to choose from. The 20% F&B discount makes this particularly attractive. You should check our photos to see just how resort is both unusual and attractive.... and both natural and peaceful.

At the bottom end of the island, on beautiful Kan Tiang Beach, you can find discount rooms in one of my favourite resorts on this island, Phra Nang Lanta. Check the Kan Tiang page, and the hotel’s photo gallery, to see why this small, intimate resort comes with strong recommendations for couples seeking a romantic beach holiday.

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