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Having just been launched, the Hotel Deals E-mart for Koh Kood has only a few hotel deals. Most will come over the coming months.

The major attraction of Koh Kood is its remoteness and undisturbed environment. Personally, I think this is now the most beautiful of all Thailand’s islands with beach accommodations, partially due to the fact that most other Thai islands have seen their forests ravaged and turned into coconut, rubber and palm oil plantations. The great majority of this island is mountainous and rugged – too difficult to cut and plant. Here the small mountain roads pass through beautiful primary forests, while some beaches have natural forest tumbling right down to the sands.

Beach Natural Resort is aptly named for its luxury 4-star bungalows are built among the native trees overlooking the beautiful, coconut-lined bay of Bang Bao. The environment is tranquil, the views superb. Anyone seeking luxurious accommodations in a remote, unspoiled environment will certainly find it here.

Away Koh Kood Resort offers more of the same; 4-star luxuries in a tranquil, natural environment. Here the rooms open onto carefully manicured lawns that end right at the water’s edge. With the resort at the north end of Klong Chao Beach, it offers relaxing views right down the sands. The beach is on the other side of a 30 meter channel, one that guests either swim over or paddle kayaks provided for the purpose. The ‘Away” in this resort’s name is very appropriate.

John Everingham

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