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Like the rest of the Hotel Deals E-marts in Thailand, this page is just beginning and the number of hotel deals is still small. But over the coming months this will expand as new hotels join our innovative new programme.

The hotels now here represent a great diversity. The 5-star X2 Khao Lak Anda Mani is one of the most modern, luxurious resorts in Khao Lak. As the hotel photos show, the luxurious lifestyle here is served in stylish modernity. But perhaps most noteworthy is the spaciousness of the nine villas, spread through beautifully landscaped gardens. The beach here is quite nice, with relatively deep water giving good swimming conditions

The outstanding feature of Apsara Beachfront Resort is its location, isolated on a lonely stretch of Khuk Khak Beach. Here the beach is particularly wide and attractive, with hundreds of metres of sand exposed at low tide. A small stream alongside the resort empties over the beach into the ocean, adding more interest. Apsara offers 4-star comforts in low-rise hotels blocks facing gardens and pools.

Khao Lak’s rise as a new beach destination was largely a reaction to what many feel is the over-development of nearby Phuket. Many old-time Phuket visitors wanted quieter, more natural beaches without the crowds. Khao Lak’s 20 kilometres of coastline certainly provides that, with the beaches in the northern portion – like Khuk Khak – being especially tranquil.

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