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HUA HIN HOTEL DEALS – the beginning of things to come

This page of special hotel deals in Hua Hin has just begun, with more to appear here during the coming months. Now you can find discount rooms in three excellent resorts with interesting credentials, two close to Hua Hin itself and another, 5-star one to the south in quieter Pranburi.

This, X2 Hua Hin LeBayburi, offers luxurious villas suitable for families seeking a quieter, better quality beach than that available in Hua Hin where beach erosion has disfigured some beach areas. Most visitors to Pranburi come with their own cars, allowing easy access to the many attractions and dining possibilities in the Hu Hin area, a 20 minute drive away.

Laksasubha Resort is another of my favourites, with a strong recommendation for those don’t plan to rent a car while in Hua Hin. From its privileged position near the heart of Hua Hin guests are within easy walking distance of many restaurants and bars, outdoor markets, shopping centres and varied activities. Also, this resort has a very personal touch, with owner-manager ML Laksasubha herself constantly taking care of her guests.

Wora Bura Resort is another of Hua Hin’s special places, one very popular with well-to-do families from Bangkok. This resort is beautifully designed old colonial era architecture, with lush gardens and mature trees running down the middle between two low-rise wings. Check the hotel photos to see just how attractive this resort is, and how pleasant an atmosphere is has created.

It’s easy to contact the hotel through this website before or after buying – see the direct E-mail box on the voucher sales page. Unlike most travel websites we encourage direct communication between our users and the hotels. You can easily check room availability or ask any other questions.

John Everingham

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