Terms & Conditions for users of the True Beachfront website

1. general

a) The Terms & Conditions herein apply to all persons using this website except qualified hotels included on the maps herein.

b) Hotel Members' use of this website is governed by the separate terms called 'Terms & Conditions of qualified hotels in True Beachfront'.

c) Other Terms & Conditions and policies of True Beachfront apply to specific policies of or specific actions within the website and are delineated in these additional documents which along with this and the 'Qualified Hotels' terms in 1 b) form the entirety of True Beachfront's Terms & Conditions:

i) Terminology & Definitions
ii) Privacy Policies
iii) Terms & Conditions of Uploading Photos

d) Your accessing and using the website of True Beachfront (TBF) constitutes your agreement to read, accept and agree to all Terms & Conditions of TBF. Your use of True Beachfront website and its related software and systems is at your sole discretion and responsibility.

e) These Terms & Conditions may be updated and changed at any time without advance notification. It is your responsibility to check this page from time to time to read any such updates or changes that might affect you.

2. provision of service

a) This site is provided on an 'as is' and 'as available' basis. We do not guarantee that the services of this website will always be available nor do we guarantee the accuracy of the information contained within the site. True Beachfront will not be held responsible for loss, damage or infringement of another party's rights of any kind suffered by a user as a result of the use of the site, the content within it nor by interactions with third parties contacted through this website.

3. private use only

a) True Beachfront website is provided for personal, non-commercial use only and you should not exploit it or any content, software or systems within it in any way for commercial gain, including but not limited to not selling any photos, materials, products, software or services obtained from this site. Maps, photos, text and other content may be downloaded, stored in personal computers and printed only for private use in the spirit of this website.

4. sale of Discount Room Vouchers and Hotel Promotional Packages

a) True Beachfront sells two different products through its Hotel Deals E-mart.

i) discount room vouchers are room nights that are the wholly-owned property of TBF under a separate contract with the hotel
ii) promotional packages offered by the hotels and sold by TBF as an agent

b) These two can be distinguished easily since the room nights in i) are always labeled Discount Room Vouchers, with those in ii) always have different names.

c) True Beachfront’s control over and responsibility in these two cases are different, with it having some control over and ability to solve problems arising from the sale of the vouchers in i), but little or no such control or responsibility over the sale and execution of the packages in ii).

5. purchase of hotel room vouchers through True Beachfront

a) When users purchase hotel vouchers through this website they are subject to all Terms & Conditions herein and should take great care to read all such conditions carefully, including

i) the website’s overall Terms & Conditions for users
ii) conditions specific to each voucher set by BFC, including but not limited to the maximum number of vouchers that may be purchased by each individual
iii) conditions specific to each voucher set by the hotel, including but not limited to the booking and no-booking dates.

Both ii) and iii) above are available in full on the voucher sales page under the headings ‘in this deal’ and ‘conditions’

b) The buyer of a voucher must make the booking using the hotel contacts provided. True Beachfront does not provide booking services, though it facilitates this by providing a direct link to the hotel via the e-mail box.

c) Failure to read these conditions carefully and adhere to them could lead to disappointment, loss or conflict. In such cases TBF will not be held responsible, though it may choose to help with resolution of problems and conflicts. Our aim is to work constructively with both users of this site and the hotels.

6. E-vouchers are non-refundable, but are transferable

a) Vouchers in both i) and ii) above are generally not refundable, but can be transferred at least once. To transfer the E-voucher to a third party the Buyer must e-mail a request to True Beachfront (jadebeachfront@gmail.com) providing the name of the guest. A modified E-voucher including both the Buyer’s and Guest’s name will be send to both the Buyer and the Hotel.

b) The booking must still be made by the Buyer, by sending the amended E-voucher with the Guest name to the hotel using the same e-mail account used during the original purchase.

c) Any further changes to the Guest name will be at the discretion of the hotel, which the Buyer alone, not the Guest, should contact. Again, such communications must be made using the same e-mail contact used for the original purchase.

7. failure of hotel to perform; resolution of conflicts

a) In case a hotel fails to perform to normal expectations after a guest has checked in the matter should be taken up with the hotel management. If an agreement or compromise cannot be reached between the two parties the guest may contact True Beachfront. In such a case please include copies of all written materials or photographs relevant to the case.

b) While True Beachfront cannot accept responsibility for the actions or perceived failures of hotels it does want to do what it can to mediate or help bring about resolution of any conflict. TBF works on a no-refund basis, however in extreme cases where the purchase of its vouchers have resulted in loss or damage, and the hotel refuses to accept responsibility, TBF may make exceptions and either offer replacement vouchers in another hotel or make a refund.

8. failure caused by actions of True Beachfront

a) If loss or damaged relating to the purchase of vouchers from True Beachfront can be clearly shown to be caused by a failure of True Beachfront we may offer either replacement vouchers or a refund. The decision to do this will be at the discretion of True Beachfront. We repeat our desire to be a service-oriented company and to provide the best possible experience to our customers.

9. contacting hotels directly, making private deals

a) Unlike most booking services and other travel websites, True Beachfront encourages its users to contact the hotels directly before and after purchase to be sure they get the best and most suitable deal. For this we provide an e-mail box with a direct link to the hotel. If the vouchers in our marketplace are not suited to your needs, contact the hotel to check availability, to find a more suitable room type, or other.

b) Our aim is to provide the best service possible to our visitors, and help them find the best deal at the best price, whether they buy through our marketplace or book directly with the hotel.

10. unauthorized actions

a) You agree not to misuse True Beachfront website in any way, including but not limited to the following:

i) not violate any laws of the country from which you access this site
ii) not upload or transmit any materials that are abusive, hateful, libelous, defamatory, obscene, or racially objectionable
iii) not upload or transmit advertising or promotional materials, spam mail or any form of solicitation
iv) not upload or transmit software viruses, malware or any computer files that may harm or interrupt TBF services or those of its users
v) not impersonate any other person
vi) not copy, collect or scrape the code of the TBF website
vii) not make any derivative uses or works from TBF's code or site contents

11. limitation of liability

a) True Beachfront has little or no control over your use or misuse of this website, nor can it influence the outcome of interactions between you and other persons or entities you may meet or contract through our services. You must agree to be entirely responsible for all of your own actions while using the website and for every outcome of those actions.

b) By logging on to the TBF website you agree that the neither TBF nor its employees, representatives or agents is liable for any damages you may suffer as a result of your using this site nor for damages or losses that may arise from your booking or contracting the services of any hotel through the True Beachfront website. That includes without limitation such damages as financial loss, physical injury, emotional distress or other.