Terms & Conditions of Uploading Photos to True Beachfront

1. general

By uploading an image you guarantee that you have read these Terms & Conditions of Uploading Photos to True Beachfront and that you agree to abide by all clauses within these Terms and Conditions.

2. copyright ownership

By uploading an image to True Beachfront (TBF) website you guarantee that you are the legal owner of the copyright of that image, or have been awarded full and unrestricted rights from the copyright owner to upload and utilize the image for the purposes of this website.

3. third party rights

By uploading an image you guarantee that such use of the image in the TBF website does not violate the rights of any other party, does not result in a breach of contract between you and another party and that you accept responsibility for any royalties or fees due to any other party from the use of the uploaded image.

4. people seen in photos

By uploading an image you guarantee that any people clearly identifiable in the image have consented to have their image displayed, or that you have full rights to display the image in this manner and accept full responsibility for such use.

5. accepting and rejecting images

All images uploaded to this site will be assessed by an Editor of True Beachfront for suitability. This Editor will either reject or accept each image for posting to the site. Images that are rejected will be deleted from the website entirely, with no copies remaining in the TBF system. The decisions of the Editor are irrevocable.

6. responsibility for content

When uploading an image you are solely responsible for their content and for any offense, claims or damages that arise from the content of those images. The approval and posting of images to the site by an Editor of TBF in no way alters or diminishes your responsibility and does not transfer any responsibility for the content of the image to the TBF or the Editor who approves the image for posting.

7. rights granted to TBF

True Beachfront does not claim any copyright or any kind of ownership rights to the images you upload to the website. However, by uploading an image to the website you thereby grant to True Beachfront full rights to publically display, copy, reproduce and distribute the image globally on its website or any associated website in perpetuity.

8. no derivative works of user images

True Beachfront guarantees that it will not create any derivative work from your images nor modify the content without your consent, though it reserves the right to crop images or to make adjustments to the brightness, exposure, colours or general appearance of any image that it believes warrants such adjustment for the purpose of better display.

9. no commercial sales or use of images

True Beachfront will use images that you upload to its site only for the purposes of this website and will not utilize nor will it authorize others to utilize such images for other purposes including sale, commercial exploitation or for other forms of financial gain without your consent.

10. selected images for promotions

True Beachfront may select certain images that you upload for promotional activities of TBF's business, including but not limited to: for third party users to download as computer background or screen savers; for use in TBF's own promotional materials either on-line or in printed form. Images used for such promotional activities will generally have both the logo of TBF and the name of the photographer embedded within the image to promote both parties.

11. True Beachfront Photography Club membership

If you become a member of TFC's planned Photography Club (under whatever name it is titled) you will be subject to additional terms & conditions stated in the 'Terms & Conditions of Membership in TBF Photography Club' and will be bound by the terms of both agreements. Where there is conflict between any clause(s) in the two sets of Terms & Conditions the clauses in the 'Terms & Conditions of Membership in TBF Photography Club' will become the overriding document.

12. location of images within the site

True Beachfront is much more than a photo display site, and every image uploaded will be assigned to illustrate a specific location or topic within the website (a beach, destination, country, hotel, restaurant, attraction, etc). While the user will first select the location on the website in which the image will display, TBF has the right to change the location of display if deemed appropriate, or to display copies of images in additional locations.

13. display on profile page

Images you upload that are accepted by True Beachfront may be stored in a database attached to your username. When TBF profiles are fully functional all images that you have had accepted by TBF may be viewed on your profile page as well as in the location to which they were attached.

14. assignment of 'pearls' for photo uploads

In future, every image uploaded and accepted by True Beachfront will be awarded a points score - called 'pearls'. Most other community contributions or on-line actions within TBF will also be awarded scores in 'pearls', and the accumulation of these will represent the level to which any member has risen in TBF community. If you upload photos prior to the operation of this 'pearls-points' system you will not lose 'pearl-points'. When it comes into operation the system will count the 'pearl' scores of all photographs loaded into the database retrospectively.

15. display of name

True Beachfront considers photography a serious art form and wishes to help contributing photographers who wish to build their reputations. If you are a serious photographer you are encouraged to use your real name. TBF will endeavour to make your name visible or available on every image from most locations in which it displays so that a large audience of beach-lovers and hotel managers worldwide will become familiar with your work and name.

16. sensitive settings

The content of some photos - particularly nudity on beaches - might be offensive to persons from cultures whose values differ from yours. Thus TBF reserves the right to label photos its editors consider potentially offensive to some as 'sensitive' and to place those images in a private section of the website where an additional level of security is required for entry and viewing.

17. indemnity from claims

You agree to indemnify and hold True Beachfront and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, employees and representatives free from any claim or demand made by any third party due to or arising out of your uploading to TBF website of any images or from any violation of any other party's rights caused by the use of or the content within the images you upload.

18. updating these Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions will be updated from-time-to-time and True Beachfront reserves the right to make changes as it deems necessary without giving notification. You are responsible for keeping yourself updated on any such changes herein that might affect you.