Privacy Policies of True Beachfront

1. we respect our members' privacy

True Beachfront (TBF) will never sell or give away your private contacts or information to third parties for the purpose of spamming, advertising or commercial benefit of any kind.

We also limit the information that TBF sends to its members in an attempt to give you only those things that interest you and that you want. That includes sending you nothing, if that's preferred. Please read our full Privacy Policies.

2. no advertising whatsoever

True Beachfront does not favour on-line advertising in any form. The True Beachfront website does not carry banner or other advertising on its website, save the simple promotions of member hotels and the special offers they wish to promote. We will never send advertising to the e-mail contacts we collect nor will we ever give, rent or sell those e-mail contacts to any third party engaged in advertising or spamming.

2. we collect minimal information only

We collect minimal information about users of this website. Currently the only point at which we gather e-mail contacts is at the purchase of hotel vouchers where a user is required to give us only his/her name and e-mail contact. These are required for us to complete the transaction which the user began.

We do not receive any credit card information which is entered into the Paypal system during payment for vouchers.

In future when run a newsletter distribution service and competitions we will collect only the minimal information required to run those, and will include opt-out functions.

4. confidential sharing of information only

The little information we collect about members will be kept in a secure and confidential manner. The only other parties permitted access to any part of this information will be those performing a function necessary for the operation of this website, such as a provider of newsletter distribution services engaged by True Beachfront . In such cases the third party will be forbidden to disclose TBF's member contacts and information or utilize these for any other purpose.

5. newsletters & bulletins

Our newsletters, bulletins and promotions are restricted to our own True Beachfront on-line publications dealing with topics directly related to the concerns of TBF. These are the only e-mails you will receive from us. However, every user has the choice to opt-out of or opt-in for our on-line publications, or select a range of suitable publications at any time by using the settings within 'Newsletter'.

6. e-mails and mail lists

Our policy is to make contact with companies and individuals that can benefit from our website services and will thus be pleased to learn about the site. We wish to avoid becoming part of the growing problem of unwanted, annoying spam.

E-mails introducing True Beachfront website and services are sent to e-mail addresses of companies and individuals that we have gathered through serious research and who we believe can gain advantage from TBF services. These include hotels that we have mapped, travel-related businesses including travel agents, tour operators, travel writers and travel newsletters. We send only such targeted e-mails that result from our own research and never purchase mail lists from third parties.

All of our news bulletins and many e-mails carry an opt-out function allowing people to choose to be permanently removed from our lists.

7. cookies

Following standard practice for websites we may place cookies in your computer to enhance your experience in various ways, including a cookie that recognizes you and provides a fast-track log-in. You can delete the cookies at any time, though doing so might make your use of the TBF website slower and less convenient.

8. keep up-to-date on True Beachfront's privacy policies

True Beachfront reserves the right to make changes to its Privacy Policies or to update them as and when it sees the need. It is your responsibility to check these policies on our website in a timely manner to keep abreast of any changes to clauses that might affect you.