advantages of Premium Membership

Premium Members get a permanent, prominent position
& are highlighted on the map
the Special Offer icon brings even more clicks

high visibility catches attention, more clicks & direct bookings

Google Analytics shows that 3 of every 5 clicks on hotels in True Beachfront site come through the feature hotel photos to the left of the map pages. Not advertisements – proven to turn users off – these are content, and are perceived as such, which users prefer and click. Premium Members get guaranteed positions, higher visibility, more clicks & more direct bookings. Premium Members are highlighted on the map for added prominence.

Only Premium Members get this high visibility Book Direct tab, encouraging more direct bookings – with no commissions

'Book Direct' tab brings more direct bookings, with no commission

The Book Direct tab added to Premium pages is very prominent, encouraging users to click, sending them directly to the hotel's booking function on its own website.

For Premium Members links on the Contacts page are also active, leading directly to the hotel's own website, e-mail or booking function. The links are inactive on ordinary members' pages.

Premium Members can sell Special Offers directly to users

sell Special Offers directly to users

Selling Special Offers allows hotels to bypass the commission-heavy OTAs, and build relationships with more direct customers. True Beachfront helps sell Specials for its members – without taking commission. The link on The Club website takes users directly to the Premium hotel's own booking function.

Special offers catch more attention

When a Special Offer is posted a colourful Special icon appears beside the hotel's Feature photo on all pages where the hotel displays – helping to catch more attention, driving more direct bookings. Inside, on the Hotel Overview page, a prominent box gives basic details of the Special Offer, encouraging users to click through to the hotel's own website for full details and direct booking.

Premium Members can also display on Destination & Country maps as shown here on the Phuket destination page

Destination & Country pages give high profile

Destination pages see more traffic than individual beach pages. Big destinations like Phuket, Koh Samui and Koh Phangan that hold many beaches receive significantly more. But feature positions besides these maps are limited. Premium Members may book feature spaces alongside their own Destination map, and be seen that much more. Feature positions on Country pages are also available to Premium members. With only 5 positions available beside both destination and country maps, each rotating a maximum of four hotels, only 20 hotels in each destination and country get to display at these high profile levels.

Premium Members also display on Travel Guide pages

Travel Guide pages boost your beach & featured hotel

The Travel Guide pages carry the most comprehensive information available about Thailand's beaches and islands. They give a realistic picture of beach destinations without the worn-out, 'everything-is-paradise' superlatives. Strong in photography, they're designed for the generation of social media – and for Google Search.

Beach-level Guide pages: All beaches in Thailand have at least one Travel Guide page. Some, like the big beaches in Phuket, have more.

Each of these Guide pages carries the same Premium Member features as the parent Beach page, giving higher profile, attracting more clicks.
Destination-level Guide pages: all destinations have at least one Travel Guide page, though most have more. Big destinations may have many; Phuket has over 70 pages, Koh Samui about 10 and even remote Koh Kood has four. Each of these Guide pages carries the same Premium Member features as the parent Destination page, giving higher profile.

In Google Search the rank of these Travel Guide pages is rising quickly, promising a growing, new stream of web traffic for Premium Members featured there.

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