Thai orchid flowers; orchid farms close to Phuket & other beach resorts

Orchid gardens near Thai beach resorts Phuket, Koh Samui & Pattaya

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Phuket has quite a large orchid farm catering to the public (entry 200 Baht each), with a wide display of different species. Here they both sell orchid blooms and pack them ready for air transport. This is on a side road not far from Chalong's 5-way circle. This is not an export farm, and is set up mainly to cater to tourists.

Koh Samui also has an orchid garden run by one Mr Chai, who asks visitors to contact him by e-mail to arrange visiting times. His farm is near Hua Thanon on the southeast corner of the island. Both of the above farms are easily found through a search on the web.

Not surprisingly, Pattaya also has an orchid farm open to the public. Siriporn Orchid Farm is quite a large, professional farm close to Pattaya's accommodation districts. establishment, Siriporn's entry price of just 10 Baht per person makes the Phuket farm's entry price of 20 times more look something like a tourist trap.

Other beach destinations have fewer or more remote options. There are many large export farms between Hua Hin and Bangkok, but they are generally not open to the public. There is one tourist park called The Orchid Garden near Nakorn Pathom, west of Bangkok, where they have blossoms on display.

Visitors to other beach resorts who are eager to visit an orchid farm can do so if they are passing through Bangkok and have time. There are many orchid farm tour options in and around Bangkok. The large farm called Kultana Orchids is right in Bangkok near the old Don Muang airport, and is open to the public. This is easily found on a web search, and their website provides a map.

by John Everingham