the pebble beach is quite pretty, but is it really a beach?

Some people call Kai Mook a beach, but by many people's definition the stony shore here would not be called a beach. It has the slope and shape of a beach but is comprised of pebbles and rocks. There are a few tiny patches of rough sand between. While the pebble beaches are not easy to walk on, they are quite attractive, and it is interesting how neatly the waves have arranged different sizes in different locations.

However, Khai Mook – which translates as Pearl Beach – has a tranquil atmosphere of its own that many people like. Peace and quiet, with a short distance to the attractions of Sai Khao are perhaps the main attributes here.

There are many big trees along the shore of Kai Mook, and some hotels have created very pleasant beachfront areas for relaxation while absorbing the sea views. It is indeed possible to swim here, and some resorts have built pathways among the rocks to allow guest to find deep water comfortably. The photos of each hotel in its member gallery show each individual beachfront.

Khai Mook; the convenience of being just over a hill from the 'town'

Kai Mook is just one big hill and a little vale south of Koh Chang's busiest beach and biggest commercial centre, Sai Khao. It's well removed from the main road and out of sight. As one rises up the second hill from the town there are several small tracks, and a formal entrance or two, to the half dozen resorts along here. The distance from road to beach here is over 200 metres, and two very large resorts span that entire distance. Kai Mook is for those who want things really quiet.

While the fit could walk the two kilometres from Kai Mook to Sai Khao Beach, most people will want transport it they are to access the restaurants, beach bars, shops and conveniences there. There are 'songtaew' busses running up and down the highway, but they are very sporadic. Renting a motorcycle gives the easiest transport for those who want to move about quite a bit, while retreating to Kai Mook's tranquillity at the end of each day. This also allows one to use any sandy beach on the island.

Khai Mook's tranquil bungalows, quiet hotels, pretty beachfronts

Kai Mook has some quaint little hotels and bungalows facing different pebble beaches and sectors of shoreline. Also, as the beach map shows, it has two huge resorts stretching from the main road to the shore.

Koh Chang Resortel has an ever-present owner, wandering around taking care of guests and his spacious grounds. Interestingly, this has a huge swimming pool built for competition, complete with a little grandstand for viewing. Guests can make use of this, for there are few competitions here. This also has a regular pool with a section for children, making this the most family-friendly resort in Kai Mook.

Kohchang Privilege Resort is another of the two here with huge, spacious grounds, and bungalows spread throughout them. This has only a small pool and limited facilities.

Remark Cottage has the nearest things to a sandy beach, with some rough sand sharing the shore with pebbles. It also has the most lush, jungle-like gardens of any resort here.

Saffron on the Sea is small but quaint, with bungalows hidden away in the thick foliage of a lush garden.

Penny's Bungalow Resort is another quiet, budget resort offering comfortable little bungalows around a central swimming pool.

by John Everingham