Bangsak Beach - sure you want it this quiet & peaceful?

Bangsak Beach is the far north end of Khao Lak where there is little habitation and the beach is long, natural and empty. Needless to say, there is no entertainment, restaurants or bars nearby, and the nearest shopping area is the tourist village behind Bang Niang Beach some 12 kilometres to the south. You can definitely walk kilometres of beach in this area and have it all to yourself.

Bangsak is for those who are really certain that they want an isolated resort and complete chill-out vacation without outside entertainment. It is Khao Lak's loneliest beach. Of course, if you rent transport – a car or motorcycle – you can enjoy the isolation while driving to the low-key attractions of Khao Lak's small commercial villages, the first of which, Bang Niang, is a ten minute drive to the south. Transport also allows you to take off and explore the whole region by day.

This area is virtually dead in the monsoon season, through the two resorts shown here remain open with just a trickle of guests coming and going.

That long, long lonely beach

As out photos show, the beach at Bangsak is very natural, and quite attractive. With five-and-a-half kilometres of sand, it is also long, straight and rather featureless. There are no rocky patches breaking the beach, and few rocks in the water, making it good for swimming. There are a several small streams that run out over the beach, usually only after heavy rain or during the spring tides. Most of the time they can be waded across or walked around.

The sand here is typical of the entire coast, both reasonably fine and slightly yellowish. The water is clear and completely flat in the calm weather of the high season, but rough and murky during the monsoon season. There are surprisingly few coconut palms along this beach, with the shoreline being covered with the ubiquitous casuarina trees.

few resorts here, but expect more in future

In 2011 there were just two resorts here, though it appeared another was in construction. With the popularity of Khao Lak rising year-by-year, one can expect more resorts to appear on this beach in the coming years. But with so many kilometres of empty beach it is not likely to get busy in this lifetime.

The main road is set far back from the beach at Bangsak, giving the resorts large areas and their guests complete silence. Royal Bangsak Resort , for example, runs the whole 450 metres from the highway to the beach.... providing quite a walk from the hotel reception and restaurant to the pool and beach. This resort has accommodation in very long, thin hotel blocks running almost the whole length of the resort. Bangsak Village is the newer of the two resorts shown on our map, and offers bungalow-style rooms spread through gardens and around the pool. Both of these resorts have big pools and exceptionally wide beachfronts shaded by the natural casuarina trees.

by John Everingham