Amber Sands: an exceptionally quiet stretch of coast

Amber Sands Beach is just what the name suggests, a beach with sand whose colour is very distinctly amber. The sand is not as fine at that on the west coast beaches, but it is still nice. Towards the end of the day when the sun is low the sand takes on an even redder glow... as shown in our photos. The reddish sand is concentrated around Amber Sands Resort, one of our beachfront member hotels, and fades in colour less than a kilometre to either side.

This beach on the north shore misses the power of the Southwest Monsoon, getting only small waves from the east during December and January. The beaches along this coast are thus not well developed, and have only minimal quantities of sand. The water is quite shallow here and not really suitable for swimming.

The mountain is well back from the coast here providing more flat land than is available along the west coast. Still, there are few local people here, no towns and only occasional shops scattered along the highway. The road down the island's east coast was sealed recently, after having built a reputation for being exceptionally rough and impassable for normal sedans.

Low forest comprised mainly of smaller trees covers much of the coast here, and the resorts have removed some of it, retained some, in differing measures.

All resorts here have a restaurant, but few other services. Of the four beachfront establishments on our beach map of the area only two had swimming pools in 2012. Some have kayaks. Most here provide massage services.

The major attribute of this coast is the absolute tranquillity. The resorts here are thus suitable for those looking for a do-nothing holiday by the ocean without access to outside facilities.

Amber Sands Beach: four small resorts with amber and white sands

Amber Sands Resort has the most colourful sands along the coast, and its lush green lawn running to the end of the sand accentuates the colour. This has one of the two swimming pools here, and is a well-maintained establishment with an open, pretty beachfront.

Mayuree Pink Resort has its pink all in the buildings, restaurant etc, but not the beach. The sand here is a creamy white colour. It is quite a spacious resort with has an attractive beachfront with lots of areas for guests' relaxation.

Suan Sam Chan Resort – this literally translates as 'a garden in three terraces' – is built into a mix of lush forest and garden that slopes down from the main road to the beach. In 2012 this had the second swimming pool in this area. The beach here is quite rough, with no red sands at all, and the resort has built its own sun deck with white sand.

The Souk Koh Chang shares the beach with the true amber sands. This family-run affair is a well-maintained little resort with green lawns and quaint white cottages that contrast with its reddish beach.

by John Everingham