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Central Maenam Beach has perhaps the best sand, water and swimming

The central section of Maenam is the most beautiful on this beach in the classic sense; the sand is fine, clean and wide, the water is quite clear and deep. Unlike most Samui beaches, Maenam has no offshore reef, leaving the water here quite deep with excellent conditions for swimming. To the back of this stretch of sand are thick rows of coconut palms and other trees, especially in front of the huge Santiburi Resort. These palms hide the beachfront resorts, create lots of shade for visitors through the heat of the day while giving the beach that tropical paradise look.
The beachfront accommodations here offer everything from tiny budget bungalows leftover from the backpacker days to one of Samui's most iconic luxury accommodations, Santiburi. There is also one beachfront villa establishment providing accommodation that is more like bringing your entire home to the beach, Miskawaan.
The west side of this beach map supports a group of budget beach bungalows, some remnants of the 1980s and 90s. Most have been upgraded and now offer basic, but clean and comfortable bungalows spread among coconut palms. Many older bungalow resorts from the 1980s and 90s have been, or are now being redeveloped into up-market and boutique resorts. Expect to see this beautiful part of Maenam Beach becoming an all-luxury zone in the coming years.
by John Everingham

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Aerial video of Maenam Beach and resorts at mid beach, Koh Samui shot in November 2016 by John Everingham.