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Khao Lak South lies south of the prominent mountain that gives this place its name

This southern-most beach of the long Khao Lak coast lies in the shadow of the rainforest mountain that gives the place its name. The sand here is a little steep, and little remains at high tide, making the water deep and good for swimming. The beach is lined with large casaurina trees, not coconut palms. See the beach photos.

The road is 200 metres back from the beach, giving the beachfront resorts plenty of space. There is a scattering of small shops on the main road, not a real village – though it is growing.
The adjacent Khao Lak National Park is within walking distance, and is worth visiting to see the amazing variety and natural beauty of Thailand's lush tropical rainforest. One may also note how little there is, for rubber plantations surround it completely.
There are 6 beachfront resorts here, side by side in the centre of the main beach, all in the 3-star and 4-star range. Most have attractive beach gardens and beach lounges on the sand, under the trees. See our beach photos.
Khao Lak Merlin is the largest resort here, with beautiful beach gardens and original trees, four swimming pools and both hotel rooms and beach villas. The Bizza Beach Resort offers a variety of deluxe rooms types. Both of these have some facilities for children. Khao Lak Diamond emphasises its spa, offering Thai massage and various health treatments.
The top three resorts are all quite small, but have special ambiance of their own. There is a Thai seafood restaurant just beyond the hotels.

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Khao Lak Beach South is cut off from other Khao Lak beaches by the forested mountain seen here. Beach has six side-by-side beachfront resorts, all mid-range, some family-friendly with facilities for children. Video shot Jan 2013 by John Everingham.