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Another classic west coast beach near the middle of the island

Kai Bae is picture-perfect, but quite small at just 700 metres long. Here we find more of Koh Chang's famous white, soft sand, though in most places the beach is quite narrow. There is good shade at the top of the beach under coconut palms and other overhanging trees.

Much of Kai Bae’s beachfront land was owned by one family who have sold off some, and developed the central area themselves from the original, few backpacker huts to more up-market, beachfront resorts. Three side-by-side resorts still belong to this family, with the more comfortable one approaching 4-stars. See more about the hotels below, or check the comprehensive guide page to Kai Bae Beach.


beach basics: sand, water, shade, tides, massage & great sunsets

The atmosphere of this beach is very natural and pleasant, due mostly to the backdrop of mountains and forests. The south end has the biggest mountain close to the beach, the thickest forest and most beautiful trees, giving this an especially green and natural atmosphere.
The classifications below apply to most of the beach, but not all. Note that there are areas of rock near the middle of the beach, separating the north and south ends into distinctly separate zones. Do check the photos of the beach at each resort before booking.

The sand along this beach is very fine, allowing it to pack down quite hard. It’s also a little grey. A solid beach like this is easy for walking and running. The sand is quite narrow in the south, wide in the north. Then 200 metres at the middle of Kai Bae has no sand or beach at all.
During spring highs – every 14 days following the full and black moons – the beach sand is completely submerged.

All water around Koh Chang is quite clean and free of pollution. It’s reasonably clear during the calm high season months, though during the monsoon season when waves wash in here it gets turbid. Note the strange tides in the Gulf of Thailand give only two tides every 24 hours, meaning both high and low tides can last all day.

swimming conditions:
This monsoon waves push the sand towards to north end of the beach, and keep the water there deeper than at the south end, which is protected by a small offshore island. Swimming is possible everywhere at high tide, though at low tide there’s only enough depth for swimming at the far north end.

There are many big, overhanging trees along this beach - especially at the south end – that they’re a major feature. Huge trees seem to tumble down the jungly mountainside right onto the beach where they provide excellent shade through the hottest parts of the day. There are usually some rope swings dangling from big braches over the sand. And they make good shade for children to play in the sand.

density of use:
The resorts along Kai Bae can’t provide enough people to form anything like a crowd. And since there are no non-beachfront hotels in the area, outsiders rarely visit this beach. The few people on the beach won’t disturb most visitors.

Massage is available at all resorts, and from some free-lance masseuses who set up beds under the trees in various sports along the beach.

beach hawkers:
You won’t find any hawkers on this beach.

suitability for children:
This is an excellent beach for children. The shallow water at the south end provides exceptionally safe conditions for very young children and toddlers to run and crawl about it. As the tide rises it can provide safe depths for older kids, and at full tide there’s enough water for everyone to swim in, sort of. Sea View Resort is surely the best for children in this area, for it has an excellent swimming pool and a large sandy sun deck that makes a great run and play area for children.
The deeper water at the north end of the beach is much better for older kids who can already swim. Chang Park Resort provides the biggest open space and best lawns for children to play on. Check the hotels in our Top 10 family-friendly resorts on Koh Chang.

noise & tranquillity:
Noise is a problem that simply won’t arise on Kai Bae beach. At the top end where it’s flat the road is set well back from the shoreline. At the south end the road disappears over a high mountain. There are no jet skis nor speed boats patrolling this island.

beach sports; volleyball etc:
Though it varies from year to season, there’s usually a beach volleyball new somewhere along this beach. The problems is usually finding enough energetic people to make a game. Otherwise, there are no sand or water sports on this quiet, getaway beach.

sunset & sunrise:
As with most of Koh Chang’s west-facing beaches, sunset is the highlight of most people's day. Many head for the beach bars and restaurants on or by the sand to find a cold drink and good view as the sun approaches the watery horizon. As it disappears into the Gulf of Thailand it often shoots up coloured rays or turns the heavens to shades of pink and red. Sunsets here can be quite spectacular, not matter the season. While all three resorts here have excellent sunset viewing venues, the funky beach bar at Porn's Bungalows is a favourite.

best season to visit:
The normal high season from November to April is the time that suites most people. At this time of year the water along all west coast beaches is flat, calm and clear, ideal for swimming or just loafing and floating in the warm, shallow water. The monsoon season also has its benefits, and can be a very pleasant time of year also with a different set of activities, and entirely different atmosphere. We offer a full pages showing the benefits of this cool, quiet time of year when it doesn’t rain nearly as much as many people expect.

The nearby shopping and entertainment area is developed enough to host quite a few shops, restaurants, bars and ATM machines. Kai Bae offers some conveniences and choices, without the tourism frenzy found at beaches like White Sand. It is not, however as tranquil as some of the more remote beaches. This is becoming A mid-range area, popular as a family beach.

Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort sells itself as a honeymoon resort, and will also organize a beach wedding on its beautiful sands. The resort extends from beach to an elevated infinity pool on the hill.
3-star Chang Park Resort & Spa enjoys wide beachfront with simple beach cottages in a coconut garden. It has a health club and Jacuzzi, while a large pool plus kids club for children make this very family friendly.

Gajapuri Resort & Spa aspires for 4-star status with luxury villa rooms in a beautifully designed garden resort with spa, massage etc. It would make a fine romantic getaway for couples.

The Chilli Resort is the last resort on Kai Bae with the comforts of an international resort. It has three swimming pools and free internet.

by John Everingham

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