Jansom Bay is not really in a bay, but a rocky, indented section of coastline immediately south of Mae Haad and the arrival jetties. Huge granite boulders along the shore, with lush vegetation falling over them, make this an exceptionally pretty part of Koh Tao. There are only three beachfront resorts here, though they are all attractive ones. Two here rank among the most spacious resorts on Koh Tao.

Interestingly, the waterfront hotel with the most rocky shore, and only minimal access to a sandy beach, is perhaps the most attractive here. - Charm Churee Villa has shown real flair in designing its rooms and restaurants in among the boulders and trees. The walkways through the resort are often tunnels through the thick vegetation.

The small beach at the south end of Charm Churee, Sai Thong, presents one of Koh Tao's postcard-perfect images of the classic tropical beach, a scene made all the more remarkable by the huge rocks protruding right out of the sand, framed by coconut palms.

Sensi Paradise also has expansive grounds and lots of lush forest coverage. Its waterfront area is very pretty with thick foliage, while its best bungalows enjoy great views from among trees and rocks. Sensi also has one of the best restaurant locations on the island, with views up the main bay towards Mae Haad and Sairee – a great spot to enjoy the sunset from.

Even though most of the coast consists of large granite rocks, it is also quite good for swimming here. Most of the year the water is exceptionally calm and clear, and there are many places where the rocks give easy access to the water. This part of the coast is also good for both snorkelling and kayaking. Many resorts now provide kayaks.

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by John Everingham