Thailand's beaches sparkle, and so do their numbers – more than 1,000 true beachfront accommodations, making Thailand perhaps the world's top beach destination.

Thailand is blessed with numerous tropical islands and beaches in both the Pacific Ocean & Indian Ocean. Its coastlines are relatively well protected from the violent Pacific typhoons that lash neighbouring countries like Philippines and Vietnam. Such nature-given advantages, plus its tropical climate, gives Thailand an amazing number and variety of beaches worth escaping to.

True Beachfront identifies 18 major beach destinations, and many smaller ones. We have over 150 beach maps along Thailand’s thousands of kilometres of coastline, with more maps of lesser-known beaches and resorts coming.

More than beautiful soft sand beaches, Thailand has added attractions: the gracious Thai service that makes visitors feel thoroughly welcome; a calm, warm winter season; the amazing flavours of Thai cuisine; fresh seafood from its huge fishing fleet and Thai prices that give unbeatable value.

Then there are Thailand's famous beach hotels and accommodations. Thai hotels & resorts are world-winners. And the variety here is also astounding: tiny beach huts of bamboo and thatch, family beach cottages, boutique resorts, luxury spa resorts, creative designer beach hotels and luxury, 5-star internationals.

The services, facilities and activities provided on Thai beaches is hard to beaten. Massage, cheap Thai food, cold beer and drinks can be purchased on any beach with more than a few rooms. Then there is kayaking, surfing, kite surfing, banana boats, jet skiing, parasailing, wind surfing, beach-cat sailing and, of course, just swimming in warm, crystal clear waters.

True Beachfront gives an unprecedented look at the islands and beaches of Thailand, and their beachfront accommodations from budget to luxury spa, using detailed beach maps, photos and words.

by John Everingham

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