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The beautiful tropical islands off Phuket are a world away from their big, developed neighbour

These three islands off Phuket's south coast make interesting island getaways for those seeking a quieter, more tranquil holiday. However, even here the islands vary greatly, with two offering just a single resort, while Koh Racha offers a choice of three, ranging from budget to stylish 5-star. Koh Mai Thon is remote, with virtually no-one but resorts guests ever seen there. Both Racha and Coral Island see an influx of day-trip boats through the high season months.

Both Racha and Koh Mai Thon lie in deep water, giving crystal clear conditions for diving and snorkelling. Racha is large, with delightful walking tracks through coconut groves between its two beaches and the rocky east coast. The bay that holds The Racha, the most stylish spa resort here, is an idyllic boat anchorage during the high season, and gets busy with daily visitors. It faces the waves during the monsoon and is completely empty during this time of year.

The northern beach is shallow, beautiful and quieter. This, with 3-star accommodation, would be ideal for a family beach vacation if the children are satisfied with a beautiful sandy beach and warm tropical water.

Coral Island is also quite good for families, and offers a quick connection to Phuket. This island is a busy destination for group tours wanting to play on a classic tropical coconut beach and try snorkelling and parasailing.

Koh Mai Thon is far out by itself, giving complete seclusion for romantic couples seeking privacy in an idyllic island hideaway. It has a classic coco beach with soft coral sand and 4-star beach chalets. Mai Thon is often visited by dolphins, and diving is a major activity here.

by John Everingham